Introduction to ABI/PLS Exam Preparation Course

By enrolling in this ABI/PLS course you will be taking an important step towards passing your upcoming ACCA Strategic Professional exam. 

The Strategic Professional Exams are benchmarked at a UK Masters degree level. They are designed to integrate technical expertise with real world situations and are a step up from the ACCA Applied Skills exams and any previous exams you may have taken at diploma or undergraduate degree level.

There is an assumption that you will already have a strong base of technical knowledge. Having this technical knowledge, whilst essential, is not however enough to obtain a pass. To pass you have to show that you can appropriately apply the technical knowledge you have in the context set out in the exam question. The video lectures for the learning stage are designed to build on your base technical knowledge developed from your previous studies and to illustrate how you need to apply the knowledge.

ACCA – Advanced Performance Management

The syllabus introduces candidates to the strategic role of management accounting as a discipline for planning and controlling performance so that strategic objectives can be set, monitored and controlled. It recognises the impact of external factors on strategic
management issues, such as macro-economic, fiscal, market and environmental impacts on performance and covers the risks these factors present and how they can be measured and managed. From appreciating the strategic context of performance management and the impact of wider factors, the syllabus examines the issues relating to performance management information systems and their design. It also addresses the impact which developments in technology will have on the performance management and measurement
systems used by organisations.

The syllabus then moves from performance management systems to the scope and application of high-level performance measurement techniques in a variety of contexts, including not-for-profit organisations and multi-national businesses. Having covered the strategic aspects of performance management and operational systems for the measurement and control of performance in a variety of contexts, candidates are then expected to synthesise this knowledge in the role of an advisor to senior management or
independent clients on how to assess and control the performance of an entity, including the recognition of whether a business is facing difficulties or possibly failure.


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