Introduction to ABI/PLS Exam Preparation Course

By enrolling in this ABI/PLS course you will be taking an important step towards passing your upcoming ACCA Applied Skills exam. 

The Applied Skills exams build on your existing knowledge and understanding developing strong, broad and practical finance skills.

There is an assumption that you will already have a strong base of technical knowledge. Having this technical knowledge, whilst essential, is not however enough to obtain a pass. To pass you have to show that you can appropriately apply the technical knowledge you have in the context set out in the exam question. The video lectures for the learning stage are designed to build on your base technical knowledge developed from your previous studies and to illustrate how you need to apply the knowledge.

ACCA Applied – Audit & Assurance

The Audit and Assurance syllabus is essentially divided into five areas. The syllabus starts with the nature, purpose and scope of assurance engagements, including the statutory audit, its regulatory environment, and introduces governance and professional ethics relating to audit and assurance.

It then leads into planning the audit and performing risk assessment.

The syllabus then covers a range of areas relating to an audit of financial statements including the scope of internal control and the role and function of internal audit. These include, evaluating internal controls, audit evidence, and a review of the financial statements.

In addition to final review procedures, the final section concentrates on reporting, including the form and content of the independent auditor’s report.

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