Introduction to ABI/PLS Exam Preparation 

By enrolling in this ABI/PLS course you will be taking an important step towards passing your upcoming ACCA Strategic Professional exam. 

The Strategic Professional Exams are benchmarked at a UK Masters degree level. They are designed to integrate technical expertise with real world situations and are a step up from the ACCA Applied Skills exams and any previous exams you may have taken at diploma or undergraduate degree level.

There is an assumption that you will already have a strong base of technical knowledge. Having this technical knowledge, whilst essential, is not however enough to obtain a pass. To pass you have to show that you can appropriately apply the technical knowledge you have in the context set out in the exam question. The video lectures for the learning stage are designed to build on your base technical knowledge developed from your previous studies and to illustrate how you need to apply the knowledge.

ACCA – Strategic Business Leader

The Strategic Business Leader exam is designed to mirror the workplace and requires you to demonstrate a blend of technical, ethical and professional skills.

It tests your ability to function as an accountant in a simulated workplace and asks you to respond to requests from people in various roles. It won’t only be the technical quality of your answer that matters, but how professional your response is.

An important factor in SBL exam success is the building on the knowledge studied earlier in the ACCA qualification, including governance, ethics, risk management, internal control, strategy and leadership.

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