ABI’s experienced tutors now offering personal tuition in Level 1 of the CFA

CFA students candidates are expected to have a good level of technical knowledge across the full range of topic areas.  While technical knowledge is essential, on its own it will not be enough to obtain a pass mark.

What is important is an understanding of the skills the examining team are testing. What they are looking for is the application of the detailed knowledge and, how it is used in context.

For CFA exams, you will be required to demonstrate the professional skills that employers deem as most in demand in the finance sector, such as analysis, scepticism, evaluation, commercial acumen, and communication.

Students will be supported with Personal Tuition by highly skilled and experienced ABI tutors in Australia. ABI’s team of experienced tutors have the knowledge and experience to guide you though the learning process to significantly increase your chance of exam success.

August 2021 Exams 

ABI is pleased to offer Online Exam Preparation Classes to students during the weekends of 1st and 8th Aug 2021. Cost $200 per day.

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